Electronic Equipment Removal with Data Destruction & Reporting

We will scan all your electronic materials and they will be disposed of accordingly

We Get Rid Of The Data For You

Recycling or disposing of electronic waste/materials can be a time-consuming process that you may not want to commit to completely. When it comes to your electronic recycling needs, OCM Recycle provides a highly desirable service. Not every business is the same, so we customize out services to meet your specific needs.

We come to you!

If you have unwanted or unused electronics at your facility call OCM Recycle to schedule a pick up. We will scan your electronic materials and they will be disposed of according to your wishes, and they will follow the state and federal disposal guidelines. If you wish to have your electronic materials or media destroyed and erased of all their data, OCM will administer a data destruction plan which will outline how your materials will be destroyed, with a letter of destruction when completed.

Safely Deleting Your Data

Using our Destroyinator platform OCM can clear up to 45 drives at a time using our Active KillDisk software. We know how important it is to have peace of mind that your sensitive electronic materials are recycled or destroyed within state and federal guidelines, as well as with confidentiality. OCM Recycle has a team of experienced professionals on their team and we guarantee your concerns are our top priority. Your electronic materials and computer parts will be removed from your business and handled with care. With our data destruction reporting and tracking software we can let you know the status of your materials, at any point in the process.

Schedule a pick up

If you have unwanted or unused electronic materials you need to get rid of, give OCM Recycle a call or fill out our contact form today.