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Onsite recycling

We do not dismantle anything on site. We come to your location, gather up all e-waste and bring it back to our secure location to be scanned in and processed.

All the used items are sorted and processed while maintaining regular safety and security standards. Our responsible onsite recycling will control accidental loss and misuse of electronic equipment to save your sensitive information from unauthorized people. From tagging and labeling items to sorting, dismantling, shredding, and recycling, we ensure making every step seamless and hassle-free. We dispose of toxic items and recover reusable items in a safe and ethical way.

Onsite Recycling Services

We deploy strict data security guidelines and safety precautions to keep the people and ecosystem safe. Our competent staff will not allow you to lift a finger or do any heavy lifting throughout the whole process. We will meticulously collect piles of outdated electronics and recycle them using environmental-friendly procedures. Our hard shredding methods will completely destroy magnetic films. We refurbish and recycle semi-working materials and make them useable for institutions, businesses, and individuals who may need them.

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