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OCM Recycle – Leading Eco-Friendly E-Waste Management Solutions in St Petersburg

OCM Recycle - Leading Eco-Friendly E-Waste Management Solutions in St Petersburg

In today’s fast-paced digital world, technology advances quickly, leading to a lot of electronic waste, or e-waste, worldwide. E-waste includes old computers, smartphones, and TVs, which contain harmful materials like lead, mercury, and cadmium. If these items aren’t disposed of properly, they can pollute soil and water, harming people and animals.

At OCM Recycle located in St. Petersburg, we’re committed to managing e-waste responsibly. Our onsite recycling ensures that electronics are taken apart and recycled using eco-friendly methods. We also securely destroy data to keep sensitive information safe. Our goal is to reduce our impact on the environment and promote sustainability in our local area.

High Quality Onsite Recycling services in St Petersburg

If you are located in St. Petersburg, you can effectively rely on OCM Recycle for onsite recycling services, focusing on managing electronic waste (e-waste). When businesses upgrade their technology, they accumulate old devices like PCs, MACs, monitors, desktops, servers, and point of sale systems. If e-waste isn’t disposed of properly, it can harm the environment and pose data security risks due to materials like lead and mercury.

OCM Recycle provides secure and convenient onsite recycling services that follow environmental rules. Our skilled team handles e-waste directly at your location, using eco-friendly methods to dismantle and recycle electronics. We recover valuable materials and ensure safe disposal of hazardous substances, helping businesses lessen their environmental impact.

Choosing onsite recycling with OCM Recycle supports responsible business practices and reduces the carbon footprint from transporting e-waste. Together, we protect sensitive data and work toward a cleaner, safer future for our community.

Best Electronics Recycling services in St Petersburg

As technology advances it makes electronic devices essential in homes and businesses. This leads to frequent upgrades, creating a lot of electronic waste (e-waste) worldwide. E-waste includes old computers, smartphones, and appliances with harmful substances like lead and mercury. Improper disposal can harm the environment and health.

Businesses must follow rules for safe e-waste disposal to protect the environment and comply with laws. OCM Recycle specializes in recycling electronics for businesses in St. Petersburg. We offer secure data destruction and eco-friendly recycling to reduce environmental impact. Partner with us to meet regulations and support sustainability by saving resources and cutting pollution. Choose OCM Recycle for reliable e-waste recycling that focuses on environmental care and data safety.

Reliable Data Destruction Services in St Petersburg

The rise in electronic data has made secure data destruction crucial. Businesses handle sensitive information like customer records and financial data, needing secure disposal to prevent unauthorized access.

OCM Recycle in St. Petersburg offers vital data destruction services. We use Active KillDisk for original data destruction and can shred up to 45 hard drives at once with our on-site shredder. Each drive is tracked by serial number, and we provide a detailed report on its final disposition.

Our methods ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations, protecting against data breaches and maintaining client trust. By partnering with us, businesses can securely manage their data lifecycle, reduce environmental impact, and uphold strict security standards.

Best Asset Recovery Program in St Petersburg

Managing old IT equipment is crucial in business today to prevent data breaches and environmental harm. OCM Recycle’s asset recovery programs in St. Petersburg handle these challenges effectively.

Our Sort & Settle method lets businesses safely resell equipment. We provide clear receiving and scan reports for transparency. Hard drives are scanned and shredded to protect data. Settlement reports detail accepted items and their values for fair returns.

We focus on reusing and recycling electronics to conserve the environment. Each process ends with a Certificate of Recycling, and reports are sent promptly via email. Payments, matching settlement amounts, are mailed within 30 days, ensuring efficient service and compliance with data laws. Count on OCM Recycle for secure, eco-friendly asset recovery that protects data and supports environmental responsibility.


At OCM Recycle we are dedicated to tackling the challenges posed by electronic waste (e-waste) with responsible management practices. As technology evolves rapidly, the accumulation of outdated devices like computers, smartphones, and appliances grows, potentially harming the environment and risking data security due to hazardous materials. Our onsite recycling services ensure these electronics are dismantled and recycled using eco-friendly methods, reducing our environmental footprint. Additionally, our secure data destruction services safeguard sensitive information, supporting compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. By partnering with us, businesses not only protect their data but also contribute to sustainability efforts, promoting a cleaner, safer future for our community. Trust OCM Recycle for reliable, eco-conscious solutions that prioritize environmental stewardship and data security.

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